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Advanced Vision Care – Nashville is a member of Vision Source Eye Care Network, North America’s Premier Network of Private Practice Optometrists.

Why Choose a Vision Source Optometrist?

As a patient of a Vision Source eye doctor, you’ll experience the signature care of highly qualified and expertly trained eye care specialists who are dedicated to being:





With a strong focus on patient education, our eye doctors and staff will provide you with a Gold Standard eye care experience.  Optometrists in the Vision Source network are able to offer patients significant benefits, including:

Personalized Care

Vision Source member offices are dedicated to maintaining the special relationship between a patient and his or her family eye doctor. Decisions regarding your eye health are made here in the office and are based upon what is best for your individual vision care needs.

Comprehensive Exams and Evaluations

Vision Source members include some of the most prestigious eye doctors in the country. In addition to serving patients, Vision Source member doctors also serve as professors and lecturers; as officers of local, state and national professional associations; and as research associates for clinical trials of new products and treatments.  As a result, patients can have greater confidence knowing that their optometrist is constantly being informed of industry advancements and getting the most thorough, modern care possible.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Because of the size and reputation of the Vision Source network, manufacturers look to Vision Source members first to introduce new instruments and diagnostic equipment. Therefore, member offices are on the leading edge of technology in eye health care and are able to offer the most advanced vision care available.

Outstanding Products

Meet all your eye care needs under one roof. Your Vision Source eye doctor provides vision exams and evaluations as well as a wide variety of contact lenses, frames and spectacle lenses.